Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doves in Love

The lovey dovey couple from 'The Mallard and The Dove' by Mike Hemingway. Today's a big day - one last push to create all the vector art for this 40 page (first!) illustrated book I've been working on.

Mallard Model Sheet

A bunch of poses for a poem I'm illustrating. I should've created this before sketching out the scenes, but truth is the character design evolved iteratively as I composed the pages, and so I've reverse engineered this model sheet from the completed scenes.

Next time I'll do it properly..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lamb burgers

It's forty minutes since I got out of the shower after the icebath after the run over the Williamsburg bridge & back. I'm on dinner (lamb burgers - thanks for asking), and there's now only 39 minutes to Lost. And there's those really important emails for the new business that I was thinking about all the way back from Manhattan. But no. Not doing the emails. Not grilling the burgers. I'm starting a blog. I blame my 16 month old son, Jack, because he just started one and somewhere along the way to checking out his, I found that I could start mine. Hmm. That'll do. Will I be back? Tune in next sentence.